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How to recognize mouse or rat droppings

Difference between feces of rats and mice

Droppings are the first signal of the presence of mice and rats are. By being able to distinguish the droppings, can lead to learning the size of the mouse, the possible number of rodents infesting your home.

However in presence of mice and rats, ScappaTopo® is the most effective solution to use to get rid of their unwelcome presence.

mouse droppings

Mouse Droppings

Mice leave up to 80 droppings per day. Mouse droppings are about from 1 to 5 mm with pointed ends.

They are black when fresh and greyish or rotten when old. They usually dry out after 24 hours and become very hard.

This is a useful signal to realize for how long mice have been in our home.

The higher the number of droppings, the higher is the number of mice.

Usually mice prefer to walk close to the walls and that’s where the greatest number of tracks will be found.

rat droppings

Rat Droppings

Rats leave up to 40 droppings per day.

They are larger than mice droppings, about 1 to 1,5 cm.

They are sausage-shaped.

Dark color and soft surface when fresh. When old they take a dull grey color and crumbly dusty texture.

How to eliminate mouse and rat droppings safely

It is important to remember that the droppings (both feces and urine) of mice and rats can spread severe disease and bacterial illness and therefore to eliminate them you must proceed with caution and in complete safety.

If you want to check whether they are fresh, do not ever touch them with bare hands or inhale them.

Don’t sweep droppings way using broom and dustpan (as it would be instinctive to do), because in this way you are not sure to eliminate them completely.

Wear disposable rubber gloves and nose mask.

Prepare a solution with 5 liters of water and 2 cups of bleach to be poured into a sprayer.

Spray droppings, until they are completely wet. In this way you considerably reduce the risk to inhale and spread them anywhere.

Using kitchen paper, carefully collect all wet droppings Throw the dirty paper into a plastic trash bag.

Once all the droppings have been eliminated, a thorough disinfection must be carried out, by using the bleach solution.

It is advisable to use paper or disposable rags, which must be thrown away at the end of cleaning.

To finish, wash your hands first with water and then with alcohol, before touching any other object.

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