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ScappaTopo benefits

ScappaTopo turns mice strengths (super-senses) to weaknesses. The flow-through pack delivers a long-lasting special aroma, perceived by the mice as strong masking and disorienting message. This combined attack provokes an extremely strong instinctual escape response in mice, causing them to quickly leave treated areas.

Humans have lost the war against mice. The more mice are killed, the more their population increases.

Our idea is to repel mice, and let Mother Nature do the rest. If humans stop killing them, mice will decrease in number and return to their essential role in the food chain.

Making palatable poison bait is the hardest part for rodenticide producers. Mice are extremely cautious of unfamiliar objects or food, so their natural tendency is to avoid the bait, rendering it useless. However, the mice may still be attracted to the area, but just not eat the bait. This means the mice are right where you don’t want them to be – in your home! On the contrary, ScappaTopo, keeps mice away from the treated areas, rather than attracting them inside.

Recent international studies proved the best solution to eliminate mice is to naturally deter them by targeting their “super-senses”. Mice are nearly blind, and depend on their extraordinary sense of smell to survive. Their olfactory system contains 3 distinct “channels”, each with a unique structure. The main channel is involved in detecting aromatic molecules; the second channel is now known to be involved in the detection of pheromones; the third component of the olfactory pathway, is thought to be involved in danger and fear signals detection.

Independent research conducted by the University of Rome and University of Naples has proved the effectiveness and eco-sustainability of ScappaTopo’s innovative formula. ScappaTopo rreleases volatile complex chemicals alarm messages which signal the danger to rodents, causing them to leave the area. While ScappaTopo has a pleasant small for humans, it masks an irritating, opaque, and dangerous message for mice. By stimulating this innate escape behavior in mice, ScappaTopo drives them away.

ScappaTopo’s scent barrier is the green, effective prevention for ensuring a mouse-free area.  For the best results, be sure to change the sachets every two months to keep always the scent strong and active.

You want to prevent mice as well as thieves from entering your house and causing damage. ScappaTopo is the effective solution to get rid of mice and rats.  

  1. Innovative and revolutionary formula provides ecofriendly pest prevention;
  2. Made exclusively out of natural essential oils and corn cobs;
  3. Does not pose a severe health risk to users, pets, or wildlife;
  4. Eliminates contact between mice and humans, preventing exposure to 35 known dangerous diseases spreadable from mice to humans;
  5. Proved effective through independent research conducted at University of Rome and University of Naples by pest management professionals;
  6. Applicable in cars, boats, and a wide range of other vehicles;
  7. Easy to use anywhere indoors, better away from food storage or living areas;
  8. Eliminate mice through regular use of ScappaTopo®;
  9. Removes messy cleanup of mice dying in inconvenient places;
  10. Non-toxic formula prevents accidental poisoning of pets;
  11. Made in Italy! Conceived, researched, and produced in Italy;
  12. Protects your home and valuables by repelling mice.;
  13. Pleasant aroma lets you know it’s working; 

….and it REALLY WORKS!

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