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Better safe than sorry

ScappaTopo is the first repellent that introduces the ecofriendly pest control prevention: its invisible scent barrier rids your living space of mice. The word ‘mouse’ in English and Latin derives from the Sanskrit word ‘musha’, for thief.  You don’t want either mice or thieves to enter your home and damage your property.

ScappaTopo’s  innovative approach led customer to take a different perspective: don’t buy ineffective poison baits when you have mice problems, use ScappaTopo  on a regular basis and you will keep mice out of the treated areas in an eco-sustainable way.

If you keep mice out of your living spaces:

  • No need to kill them:
    They are exceedingly smart, and they can detect contaminants in their food. In the case of a new bait in their territory the colony send out a kamikaze mouse, to taste it and be monitored for many days after. If the mouse dies, colony will no longer eat the bait.
  • Avoid increasing the mouse population:
    When a mouse is killed, the response of the colony is to increase its population disproportionately with the loss of the single mouse.
  • Eliminate the risk of cleaning up after dead mice, in your home.
  • Keep your children and pets safe from dangerous poisons or from being exposed to poisoned disgusting dead mice.
  • Prevent exposure to the 35 known dangerous diseases carried by mice and easily transmitted to humans.
  • Prevent mice infestations in your living or working areas.
  • Avoid damage to your property and your belongings. Poisoned mice may feed on poison baits for several days, meaning they are still free to wander and infest comfy corners of your home and cause damage before they die.  ScappaTopo prevents the mice from entering your home, resulting in less damage.
  • Keep mice from chewing on wires or cables of your cars, campers, boats and other vehicles.
  • Prevent repeat infestations with ScappaTopo: mice remember unpleasant experiences and will avoid the area.

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