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How do we use ScappaTopo?

Scappatopo  is are easy to use, as you only need to place it anywhere you are experiencing a mice problem. For best results, place the sachet nearby entryways where mice are likely to enter.

Each sachet of ScappaTopo  50 gr.  can protect an area of three cubic meters for about 2 months.

Excessive ventilation and temperatures over 20°C can shorten the maximum effective life. In cases of mice infestations, increase the number of sachets per room, but leave a clear escape route out of the building.

This can be sealed once the area is mice-free.

Replace the sachets every two months, or when the aroma fades.  Store in original packaging in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

ScappaTopo  has been designed for indoor use, but preferably not in living or food storage areas.

Please read instructions carefully before using.  Do not use the product for any other purpose than that described on the label.

ScappaTopo is ideal for:

  • Basements, Garages, Attics,
  • Lift shafts, Boilers, Electric cabinets, Ced
  • Boats, Parked cars and motorcycles
  • False ceiling, raised floors,
  • Depots, Tool sheds, Storage areas, Woodsheds
  • Electric and electronic wiring in agricultural machinery
  • Warehouses, Cellars
  • Paper archives, Packaging, Operative Facilities
  • Farm Equipment, Military Vehicles

Canteens, hospital and school confined areas

how do we use scappatopo

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