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  • Garage

    The mouse runs away from your garage

    Even in the garage you don't need grim horror movie methods: ScappaTopo is the organic repellent based on plant extracts and corn granules: it keeps mice away without bothering anyone, not even the paint on your car.

  • Ghiri

    Special Dormice is the only repellent against dormice

    The dormouse belongs to endangered protected species, so you are not allowed to kill it. But dormice could cause a large amount of damages and loss even more than mice. Fortunately, there is a solution: ScappaTopo Special Dormice, the natural repellent that keeps dormice away without killing or bothering anyone, not even an environmentally responsible citizen like you are.

  • Cucina

    Without killing you can have a mouse-free home

    In the kitchen, is the mouse attracted by the scents of roast meat and other food? ScappaTopo is the organic repellent based on plant extracts and corn granules: it keeps mice away without bothering anyone, not even the Master-chef inside you.

  • Legnaia

    Your attic will smell good, and no mice around

    Mice just love to hide and to nest in your attic where they can find shelter and food. ScappaTopo is the organic repellent based on plant extracts and maize granules: it keeps mice away without bothering anyone.

What's ScappaTopo?

Watch the video to discover how to use ScappaTopo


Keep mice away

It does not kill but repels mice away from your home unlike poison baits attracting them into your house.


No side effects

Effective and environmentally friendly way to rid any home or storage area of rodents. No known side effects on wildlife, pets and people.


Proven effective by university

ScappaTopo has been proven effective by university and field testing. All testing proved that is extremely efficient in getting rid of mice.

Multi-Sensory mouse repellent

ScappaTopo is the first and ONLY patented multi-sensory, non-toxic mouse repellent that works by triggering a combined attack on all the senses.


How does it work scappatopo

How does it work?

It turns mice strengths (super-senses) to weaknesses. The flow-through pack delivers a long-lasting special aroma, perceived by the mice as strong masking and disorienting message. This combined attack provokes an extremely strong instinctual escape response in mice, causing them to quickly leave treated areas.

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How to use Scappatopo

How to use?

ScappaTopo is so easy to use. Unlike poison baits doesn’t require trained professional users.

Just place it in the enclosed areas you want to protect from mice, better if nearby their access points into your home.

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Where to use Scappatopo

Where to use?

ScappaTopo is sold in convenient packs that you can place anywhere indoors, better if close to mice access pathways.

Ideal for: basements, electric closets, attics, storage areas and anywhere you want to get rid of rodents.

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Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Laureate for Europe

Carla Delfino is the first and ONLY Italian businesswoman granted with the prestigious Cartier award, thanks to her really brilliant idea: ScappaTopo, the natural eco-solution to mice infestation.



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