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A letter from Her Majesty the Queen

Buckingham Palace’s Deputy Correspondence Coordinator MVO Miss Jennie Vine, requested by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, has send us a kind thank-you letter, for having received few samples of ScappaTopo. Our aim was to be of some help, after we have read that the Queen has been left 'horrified' over an invasion of mice at the Palace.
The letter addressed to Ms. Carla Delfino says:

Dear Ms Delfino,
I have been asked to write and thank you for your letter to the Queen and to say that is was most thoughtful of you to wish to make Her Majesty aware of your product.
Your sincerely,
Miss Jennie Vine, MVO
Buckingham Palace
Deputy Correspondence Coordinator.

In fact, the presence of mice at Buckingham Palace has been not a trivial problem, since the time of Queen Victoria. The authors of the famous and celebrated TV series "Victoria", dedicated to the life of the great English Queen and produced by PBS , described in an episode how this plague was particularly annoying for the Royal family: Queen Victoria was screaming when she finds rats all over her birthday cake. There were so many rats in Buckingham Palace that a famous and well-renumbered "rat hunter" was kept on the payroll.

Nowadays even Prince William, a lover of racing bikes, was forced to face the expense of over 6000 Euros to repair his beloved Ducati, damaged in a rather serious way by the mice gnawing of electric wires Too bad that English mice show no respect for their gracious Majesties!

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