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Poison baits

Rodenticides carry death in the name; sometimes they may kill mice but they have for sure harmful side effects.

As we all know the best cure is prevention.

ScappaTopo® solves your mice problem in a new way – by repelling mice rather than killing them.  This means mice don’t have a chance to develop immunity to poisons through repeated exposure.  Areas treated by ScappaTopo® are kept free from the presence of mice.

Actually on the market there are many kind of rodenticides: baits, grains, powders, or gel. The active ingredients such as Warfarin, chlorophacinone and diphacinone are the first-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, while Brodifacoum, bromodialone, difenacoum and difethialone, are the so-called second-generation anticoagulants.

Both kinds of anticoagulant rodenticides work by preventing blood from clotting. Animals that consume them die from internal bleeding several days after eating the poison and may continue to ingest more of it.

While the process of all anticoagulants is similar, second-generation products are much more toxic and permanent, so they pose a much greater threat to non-target wildlife, pets and to small children.

Bromethalin and strychnine are neurotoxins.Cholecalciferol is an acute rodenticide that causes kidney failure. Directly ingesting either type of poison can be fatal for small children or pets.

If the mouse does not die, the poison can persist in its body for several months. Any animal that eats the rodent will be poisoned in turn.

ScappaTopo®’s non-toxic approach to repelling mice comes at a particularly fortuitous time when many traditional rodenticides are being banned by the new US and EU regulations. They have been consistently linked to multiple accidental and fatal exposures in children, pets, and wildlife.

Many rodenticides still on the market are harmful to children and pets, actually they are classified TOXIC FOR REPRODUCTION and also CARCINOGENIC or mutagenic. These poisons target the central nervous system and cause hard-to-treat internal damage due to lack of antidotes.

As regulations become stricter, a need arises for a safe, non-toxic approach to pest control. 64% of Americans consumers are ready to pay more for eco-friendly mice repellents and 95% of European citizens think that using ecological products is the right thing to do.

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