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Corporate Mission

Our mission could be condensed in this Native American proverb:

“Take care of our Mother Earth: we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”

Killing mice through rodenticides has been the traditional solution, but has resulted in making the problem worse in many ways.  When a mouse is killed, the response of the colony is to increase its population disproportionately with the loss of the single mouse. In the ‘50s, the ratio of mice to people was 2 to 1. Now, with 60 years of chemical rodenticide, the ratio is 10 to 1 – more mice to cause more problems!

Mice are able develop an immunity to poisons by ingesting small dosages over time. Unlike us, they can pass on this acquired resistance to their offspring rendering the poisons ineffective against the target population.

Trying to eradicate mice by killing them just doesn’t work.

The more we kill mice the more they grow in strength and number.

No matter how disgusting we may find them to be, rodents have a scope and an important role in the higher order of Nature and we should respect their existence in our ecosystem. We need to understand that we are blessed with the most beautiful planet, we should just stop polluting indiscriminately and wasting its limited  natural resources. It’s an incredible bounty that’s been given to us. But we’ve got to be good stewards for it. We have to take care of it.

The new European biocide Regulation prohibits the use of toxic pesticides with considering such products toxic for reproduction or even carcinogenic and promotes environmentally friendly alternatives, in order to protect human and animal welfare as well as the environment.

Recent studies proved that the best solution is not to kill but to repel mice. This is the philosophy behind ScappaTopo®.

  • By repelling rather than killing, mice colonies won’t increase their population.
  • By repelling, the mice will not build up resistance and aggressiveness.
  • By repelling with a non-toxic solution, there are no accidental child or pet poisonings, and no wildlife facing secondary effects.
  • By repelling with non-toxic compounds, groundwater is not affected.
  • By repelling from food preparation areas, there is no food contamination from mice droppings.

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