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Super ScappaTopo Cables 70gr 6 Items

132,00 €
123,00 €

SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection 70 gr., with its vigorous but pleasant repellent aroma, protects all kind of wires in enclosed medium-sized areas up to 5x5x3H meters for at least 2 months.
SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection is designed for indoor use and enclosed spaces. Ideal for garages, electric cabinets, boilers, elevator shafts, machinery, motor vehicles, automobiles, farm equipment, industrial equipment, boats and any place you want to prevent mice from entering and chewing cables. Place more than one sachet in areas to be protected (ie. 3/4 sachets in a single car garage, one in each corner). All prices are including VAT and shipping cost.

SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection is the organic, award-winner, repellent made of plant extracts of natural origin and corn fibers, which does not kill but keeps mice away f from your cables, home and storage areas. Its innovative formula, tested by the major Italian Universities, keeps mice away without killing them and without side effects for the user and for pets.

Wire damage from rodents’ costs billions of Euro each year, in fact roughly 50% of fires reported worldwide resulted from rats gnawing electrical cables. Mice are rodents, their teeth constantly grow, and they have an instinct to gnaw on things to wear them down. Chewing on electrical wires also sharpens the teeth and biting on hard things makes teeth firmer and relatively stronger. They only way to prevent cable gnawing is to use SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection to keep mice away from machinery, car motors, farm equipment, boilers, electrical cabinets, elevator shafts. The 70-gram pack contains more active principle, to increase its repellent strength and keep mice away.

SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection freshens the air with a pleasant aroma, that acts as powerful multi-sensory repellent, stimulating an innate escape behavior in mice. Unlike traditional olfactory repellents, ScappaTopo Cable Protection activates a complex and revolutionary 360° attack to all the senses of the mouse. Its effectiveness has been tested by the University of Naples and University of Rome in Italy. SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection instantly creates an invisible barrier unbearable to mice: once in the treated area, mice will quickly realize they can’t stand the virtual attack and exit outside for fresh air to clear their sensory receptors.

SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection 100% made in Italy in compliance with the recent European Directives, is a valid "green" eco-alternative to the use of the most dangerous and polluting traditional poisons and cruel traps. SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection employs a preventive pro-active method, in opposition to the traditional quick fix ‘kill’ style to protect your cables.

SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection is easy to use

Clean the area and remove droppings. For use in currently infested areas, increase the number of sachets and replace every 30 days.

  1. Remove SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection sachets from their plastic wrapping.
  2. Tear along the dotted line to open two side windows and replace sachets in the packaging.
  3. Close it.
  4. SuperScappaTopo Cable Protection is ready for action, in its self-standing, easy to handle package!



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